Guys of LIDAR
2009 Radar Detector Test
August 28-30, 2009

Thanks to an unprecedented level of cooperation by everyone involved, we were able to get more testing done this year than any of our previous radar detector tests. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this test possible!

A big thanks goes out to:

for sponsoring us by loaning us several brand new retail radar detectors for the test!

Staged Real World Tests

These tests consist of constant-on and instant-on tests, performed on a very tough real-world course which made things very difficult for the detectors. If you are new to radar detectors, go here first.

Semi-Scientific Tests

These tests consist of off-axis tests, both vertical and horizontal, as well as simulated photo radar. Testing was performed using strict controls on a straight course. Because some new users may find these results a bit hard to grasp, these results are intended for more advanced users.

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