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Test Course

While driving through Sheffield Village, we found a different location that we decided to use for the test. This new test location was significntly different from the one that we used in the August tests: it was very straight and flat course about 3000 feet long. There was always line of sight with the radar source. It was necessary to trim-down the range, so that the detectors wouldn't alert for the full length of the course. To accomplish this, instead of shooting the radar straight down the course, we decided to angle it across the road.

Radar Units

The radar units used were the MPH K-55 (X-Band), Kustom Falcon (K-Band), MPH Enforcer (33.8 GHz Ka Band), Stalker ATR (34.7 GHz Ka Band), and Kustom Talon (35.5 GHz Ka band).(For Ku band, we used a 13.450 GHz oscillator, since we didn't have an actual Ku radar unit available for the test.) All handheld radar units were held in fixtures for the testing, not operated by hand.

Calibration of all radar units was verified with tuning forks: they all displayed within +/- 1 MPH.

Test Methodology

The test vehicle was driven towards the radar source very slowly, and determined the point of first detection by the radar detector. At this point, the vehicle stopped and we then used an LTI Ultralyte to measure the distance back to the radar source, and the results were recorded. No testing was done when any other vehicles were on the test course. All detectors were mounted high on the windshield, with a clear view of the road. Each detector was mounted in the same place for testing, and was mounted straight and level.

Just for fun, we threw a couple of vintage 15-year-old Escort DSPs into the mix to see how they would perform compared with today's detectors.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped to make this event a big success! Also, special thanks to the Sheffield Village Police!

Ka Band - 33.8 GHz

RX-65 (ES13Raven) USA1742
RX-65 (ES13Raven) INTL1530
BEL STI (RadarRoy)1496
RX-65 (Compu44) USA1277
V1 3.826 (itisjustme)1211
BEL STI (csteph)1204
Escort 8500 Original1184
Escort 8500 X50 (StealthJamal)1176
V1 3.825 (Outrun)1162
Escort 8500 Original (Stealthjamal)850
RX-65 (Compu44) INTL826
BEL 795344

Ka Band - 34.7 GHz

V1 3.826 (itisjustme)1716
V1 3.825 (outrun)1686
BEL STI (csteph)1677
BEL RX-65 (The VEIL Guy) USA Mode, POP ON1667
V1 3.826 (bob)1643
BEL STI (Roy)1601
BEL RX-65 (The VEIL Guy) USA Mode, POP OFF1452
BEL RX-65 (compu44) INTL POP OFF1393
BEL RX-65 (The VEIL Guy) INTL Mode POP OFF1345
Escort 8500 X50 (The VEIL Guy) POP OFF1298
Escort 8500 X50 (The VEIL Guy) POP ON1288
Escort 8500 Original (RacerX)1280
BEL RX-65 (ES13Raven) INTL POP OFF1271
Escort 8500 Original (StealthJamal)1205
BEL Express 795493

Ka Band - 35.5 GHz

BEL STI (csteph)935
Escort 8500 X50 (StealthJamal)903
BEL RX-65 (ES13Raven) USA POP OFF845
BEL RX-65 (compu44) USA POP OFF841
BEL STI (Roy)793
V1 3.826 (itisjustme)774
BEL RX-65 (ES13Raven) INTL POP OFF751
BEL RX-65 (compu44) INTL POP OFF746
Escort 8500 Original (StealthJamal)728
Escort 8500 Original (RacerX)717
V1 3.825 (Jason)415
BEL Express 795 (boomerman)186

K Band

V1 3.826 (itisjustme) EURO MODE1892
V1 3.826 (itisjustme)1778
Escort 8500 X50 (StealthJamal)1612
RX-65 (ES13Raven) USA1536
V1 3.825 (Outrun)1495
RX-65 (ES13Raven) INTL1438
RX-65 (Compu44) USA1429
RX-65 (Compu44) INTL1393
BEL STI (RadarRoy)1361
Escort DSP (Happya$$)1244
Escort 8500 Original1165
Escort DSP (Happya$$)1144
BEL STI (csteph)1143
Escort 8500 Original (Stealthjamal)1030
BEL 795542

X Band

V1 3.826 (itisjustme)2928
Escort DSP (itisjustme)2562
BEL STI (csteph)2453
BEL RX-65 (Compu44)2277
Escort 8500 X50 (StealthJamal)2221
Escort 8500 Original (RacerX)2131
BEL Express 7951552

Ku Band

BEL RX-65 (Compu44)172
Valentine One 3.8262700

Spectre/VG2 - BEL STi

We tested the BEL STi against the Spectres and the latest VG-2 unit provided by Radar Roy. Neither Spectre reported the presence of the STi at any distance, even when both vehicles were bumper to bumper, with the RDDs set to maximum sensitivity!
The STi detected the LO leakage from the Spectres, giving a Ka alert when it got very close.

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