The Spectre III RDD is a radar detector detector, which is used by police to catch motorists using radar detectors in areas where it is prohibited by law. In the US, radar detector use is illegal in Virginia, Washington D.C., in commercial vehicles over 10,000 pounds, and on military bases. Use is also illegal in some Canadian provinces, and in many other countries too. So far, detector makers have not come up with a universal solution to preventing detection by the Spectre. We decided to see how the detectors stacked up as far as the range when they are detectable by the Spectre. As a special treat, we also tested one "aftermarket" soltion to the Spectre, which was a "filtered" remote-mount BEL 915R. The Spectre was mounted high on the windshield.

Results are in number of feet away the Spectre alerted to the detector.

BEL 9851145146
BEL RX-65464261
Cobra XRS97001848854
Escort Passport 8500 (Original)996132
Escort Passport 8500 X50605125
Valentine One98338
Whistler Pro 581340931
Filtered BEL 915-R510
Filtered BEL 915-R (tipped down 20 degrees)16.50

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