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Nebraska Laser Jammer Laws

Some sources report that laser jammers are illegal in Nebraska.
However, while we located a Nebraska law prohibiting radar jamming, this law does not mention laser specifically, nor does it refer to all speed measurement devices in a general sense (like some laws in other states do). So, one might conclude that this law is restricted to radar only, and that laser jammers are not covered and are therefore legal. You be the judge.

Source: Nebraska Revised Statutes, sections 60-6,274, 60-6,275, 60-6,276, and 60-6,277

Section 60-6,274
Terms, defined.

For purposes of sections 60-6,274 to 60-6,277:

(1) Radar transmission device shall mean any mechanism designed to interfere with the reception of radio microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum, which microwaves, commonly referred to as radar, are employed by law enforcement officials to measure the speed of motor vehicles;

(2) Possession shall mean to have a radar transmission device in a motor vehicle if such device is not (a) disconnected from all power sources and (b) in the rear trunk, which shall include the spare tire compartment, or any other compartment which is not accessible to the driver or any other person in the vehicle while such vehicle is in operation. If no such compartment exists in a vehicle, then such device must be disconnected from all power sources and be placed in a position not readily accessible to the driver or any other person in the vehicle; and

(3) Transceiver shall mean an apparatus contained in a single housing, functioning alternately as a radio transmitter and receiver.

Section 60-6,275
Radar transmission device; operation; possession; unlawful; violation; penalty.

It shall be unlawful for any person to operate or possess any radar transmission device while operating a motor vehicle on any highway in this state. Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a Class IIIA misdemeanor.

Section 60-6,276
Authorized devices.

Section 60-6,275 shall not apply to (1) any transmitter, transceiver, or receiver of radio waves which has been lawfully licensed by the Federal Communications Commission or (2) any device being used by law enforcement officials in their official duties

Section 60-6,277
Prohibited device; seizure; disposal.

Any device prohibited by sections 60-6,275 and 60-6,276 found as the result of an arrest made under such sections shall be seized, and when no longer needed as evidence, such device shall, if the owner was convicted of an offense under such sections, be considered as contraband and disposed of pursuant to section 29-820.

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