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Navalert Review

I received NAVALERT about a month ago. The contents in the box are: NAVALERT unit, instruction manual, USB to serial cable, power cable, Drivers CD, and magnetic mount.

Setting it up is a piece of cake. All one has to do is attach the magnetic mount on their dash (adhesive tape), attach the NAVALERT to the magnetic mount, and plug it in on their cigarette lighter adapter. There are two settings. One is "Safe" mode and the other is "Cam" mode. During my vigorous testing of this unit I operated it on safe mode. I have logged in about 5K miles with it. I have taken it through about 35 different locations such as school zones, red light cameras, photo radar cameras, etc. When I first received it I did not expect much from this nifty device. It seemed like a basic black little box with LEDís. Well I am happy to say that it does everything it was designed for. It has so many little cool features such as a speedometer, which by the way is dead on accurate, a compass, the ability for the user to lock in points of interests, speedtrap function which uses a national database of speed camera locations, etc. It has sniffed out 100% of the red light and photo radar cameras in my area. It also sniffs out school zones (where cops love to hide out and tag potential speeders). The point of interest feature is VERY handy. I use it to lock in areas where LEOís love to operate speed traps and speed enforcement. Another cool feature is the ability for the user to update their unit via the Internet and best of all the updates are FREE via (one uses a USB to serial cable that is provided along with the drivers).

What more can I say about this great device? It will pay for itself in no time. A radar detector or laser jammer will not tell you where a red light camera is located. Also a radar detector will not always give you adequate warning against photo radar and this is where the NAVAERT shines. Try a radar detector against the deadly Multanova Photo Radar operating at 34.3gh aimed at 20 degrees off the road to see what I mean. There are plenty of products out there such as license plate sprays, license plate covers, etc. that are active counter measures and a lot of them do not work. Most importantly these products are illegal in a lot of areas. This is where NAVALERT is different and unique. It is a passive countermeasure that is extremely effective and it is not illegal. When you pair a NAVALERT with a radar detector and a laser jammer one has the best protection money can buy.

- happya$$

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